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Yoga Bhawna Mission: Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Bhawna Mission Uttarkashi is Registered Yoga School Certified By Yoga Alliance USA
RYS 200 Hour and 500 Hour

Although the significance of Yoga is so comprehensive and extensive that no one till date has able to define the exact depth of its intensity and usefulness for the human kind but according to various guru and rishis who have been practicing this unique science from long time has given an aesthetic and beautiful definition and how practicing yoga plays an important role in today's modern world for the benefit of human kind .

Yoga Bhawna Mission-Uttarkashi is a residential yoga teacher training school in India registered with Yoga Alliance, USA RYS 200 and RYS 500 and affiliated with UJJAIN YOGA LIFE SOCIETY (UYLS), . The core objective of these yoga teacher training courses is to provide and facilitate an understanding of yoga and its related practices from basic to intermediate to advance level, in an indigenous yet with modern approach which includes practice as well as theory. Whether you are novice to this unique science or just a beginner; here at Yoga Bhawna Mission you will be able to develop and skilled your understanding of yoga to a level that you will confident enough to teach yoga professionally.

Duration of yoga teacher training varies from course you have applied and the professional yoga teacher training start from 200 hours which extended over period of four weeks ,which extended over period of six weeks and 500 hours extended over period of eight weeks.

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We at Yoga Bhawna Mission understand the significance of Yoga in today's modern world and have raised the slogan to make it reach and teach to everyone in its most original and indigenous way.

Our Yoga Teacher Training school trained the participant in most ancient Indian way and yet with a modern approach.



Uttar Kashi Ashram, Chungi Badethi, Matli, Uttarkashi - Gangotri Road, Matli, Uttarakhand - 249193

Phone: +91-9990209876, 7902019264, 8527077617, 8178310596



200 Hour TTC Dates

Start Date End Date Tuition Fee
6th February 2017 5th March 2017
6th March 2017 5th March 2017
3rd April 2017 30th April 2017
10th July 2017 9th August 2017
14th August 2017 13th September 2017
5th Sep 2017 4th October 2017
9th Oct 2017 8th November 2017
12 th November 2017 11th December 2017
15th December 2017 14th January 2017


Yoga Retreat Dates

Start Date End Date Tuition Fee
7th February 2017 22nd March 2017
15th March 2017 30th April 2017
1st th April 2017 2rd April 2017
14th August 2017 30th Septmber 2017
15th September 2017 30th October 2017
15th October 2017 30th November 2017


500 Hour TTC Dates

Start Date End Date Tuition Fee
6th February 2017 5th April 2017
1st March 2017 1st May 2017
10th July 2017 10th September 2017
14th August 2017 14th October 2017
5th Sep 2017 4th November 2017
9th October 2017 8th December 2017
12 th November 2017 14th January 2017