Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training



According to our ancient yogi  ‘PRANA’ refers to the life giving force where as ‘AYAMA’ is the expansion or regulation ,hence the mystery of controlling or regulating of life force is PRANAYAMA.

Breath is the physical outlook of PRANA hence PRANAYAMA begins with controlling of breath with various techniques.

This seven days Pranayama Yoga course is specially designed to understand the philosophy of Pranayama.

The participant will practice Pranayama’ by purifying the body through breath, Asana, diet and Kriyas. From ancient time it’s been proved that by controlling the inhalation and exhalation of breath purifies and cleans the individual body and can calm the agitated mind and body.

This one week Pranayama course will confront the participant with various method of breathing technique and will open up the answer of all the concern related to breathing like how to breathe, how much to breath, how to maximize the use of lungs, what one should feel while taking life-giving oxygen and while it exits from his body.

You can hardly make any spiritual progress without the practice of pranayama. One who has grasped this prana has grasped the very core of cosmic life and activity. Through various exercises and training in pranayama the yogi tries to realize in this little body the whole of cosmic life, and attain perfection.

Upon completion of this course one can confront and experience the spiritual progress because one who has grasped the PRANA has grasped the core of cosmic life.

This Pranayama yoga course learn about yoga breathing techniques, types of pranayama, and the benefits of a pranayama practice.

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