Yoga Course for Healthy Lifestyle



This Yoga course for wellness is specially designed for working class who has sedentary working culture.

This healthy lifestyle yoga course is designed for those who have stress and strain because of corporate culture and mostly have sedentary style of working.

Not many people know they are slowly progressing towards high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, back ache, cancer, kidney problem and thyroid problems and these are called lifestyle disease.

The lifestyle disease can have numerous reasons like our sitting posture, long working hours, irregular eating time table, extensive travel, odd shifts etc.

Our one week LIFESTYLE CURE COURSE PROGRAM is specially framed as it strengthens our mind and reduces the mental strength, the various layers of meditation, ashanas will help to eradicate the mind fatigue but also generate the fresh energy.

This yoga wellness course will helps to increase productivity of our brain, relax, activate and rejuvenate our sense organ.

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