Yoga Teacher Training Course Fee

Fees include Teaching fee for entire session with Food and Accommodation, and there is no hidden charges and all prices are inclusive of all Tax.

Courses Title Type Of Course Days Hours Fees
Ashtanga TTC 02 Month Ashtanga Series I &II 60 500 2007 USD
Extensive Yoga Teachers Training Program -02 Month (Be a Yogi) Certificate Course 60 500 2100 USD
Advance Yoga Teachers Training / 45 days Certificate Course 45 350 1200 USD
Yoga Teacher Training Course- 01 Month Certificate Course 30 200 954 USD
15 Days Foundation Course in Yoga Certificate Course 15 100 530 USD
07 days yoga Intensive Course Advance Yoga Awareness Program 7 50 279 USD
07 days Pranayama course Secret Of Breathing Pranayama course 7 50 279 USD
07 days Life style Cure One week Yoga life style cure program 7 50 279 USD
04 days Stress Relief Yoga Awareness Program 4 25 175 USD
Fees is inclusive of entire Teaching course, Food and Accommodation

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We at Yoga Bhawna Mission understand the significance of Yoga in today's modern world and have raised the slogan to make it reach and teach to everyone in its most original and indigenous way.

Our Yoga Teacher Training school trained the participant in most ancient Indian way and yet with a modern approach.



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